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Valentine’s day sorted! + 30% off to celebrate!

With Valentine’s day approaching… we here at NN2W want to save you the “ums” and “ahs” of what to wear for the big night… because let’s face it? It can be a stressful night if you have something big planned!

Check out our top pick date night outfits below:

For a super classy, sophisticated look that’ll wow your S.O (significant other) opt for the L.B.D. Ever so versatile and really is a timeless option for the big V day. Ours has a studded neckline as well as a bodycon fit with a peplum overlay which will make your waist look amazing. For styling options check out the sidebar on how we would accessorize this dress.

LBD- £15 on
LBD- £15 on



For a more playful sexy look… opt for our pin up vixen. This look will ensure that your S.O can’t keep their eyes off of you!

We’ve chosen Megan as inspiration for this look… so channel her and unleash your inner fox this valentines day.

Polka Vest £8 Skirt £8 on




Don’t worry guys we haven’t forgotten about you! Check out the Mens section for super stylish pieces that are sure to make you look hot for your S.O

Blazer £35 Shirt £18 on




And… If you really want to impress? Treat her with one of these perfect pieces!






Winter Is Coming- Coat Weather!

Well, it has to be said… We here at NN2W are definitely starting to feel the cold winter weather and we are not digging it at all. Summer has now been and gone but we can’t help but feel a little bit excited to dig out our winter wardrobe again!

Bye bye short season and say a huge welcome back to bobble hats and comfy coats! So as this cold weather is hitting us full force check out our top picks on what coats you should be wearing this winter!

Buy now at


Buy now at


Buy now at





Check us out at!



We have good news.. Our new collection has officially arrived at!

Take a look at the best bits below, and check the website for more beautiful autumn winter trends!

Denim Shirt £18
Check Shirt £18
Raglan Sweatshirt £12
Colour PU Sweatshirt £15

Weekend Wonders.

With the weekend fast approaching it seems appropriate to show our hot picks for that night out!

Ah the weekend, the two days that give you hope through the rest of the tedious week at work. The two days that you can be free to party till the early hours of the morning if that’s what you’re in to.. or sit on the couch in the same PJ’s as the day before and catch up on some all day Netflix action.

What ever you’re up to this weekend get an outfit to celebrate those two cherished days on your calendar! We’ve picked some of the hottest pieces from our current collection that are guaranteed to make you look and feel hot this weekend. Unless you’re this guy..

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 12.04.39


Whoops indeed.





We love Frock Talks – Whether you’re a stud rocking chick, a bodycon flaunter or a fine detail fanatic we have something for you. Our party dress range starts from just £15 so even if you’re on a budget there is no excuse that you have ” Nothing New 2 Wear” ( see what I did there?)

Check them out now at WWW.NOTHINGNEW2WEAR.COM







If you’re looking for a more formal look or you want to go out looking casual our shirt range will definitely be able to cater you.

Our latest pieces boast trends like acid wash and aztec whilst our timeless checked numbers are bound to get you some erm.. numbers? this weekend.


Check them out now at WWW.NOTHINGNEW2WEAR.COM


One day till the weekend officially starts so take advantage of our fast delivery options and look sharp this weekend!


Love NN2W x



The Bucket Hat.

Another Thursday means another TBT.. or throwback thursday for those of you not down with “it”!   Yes, throwback thursday gives us the chance to have a good laugh at the fashions we once used to wear with pride back in the day and this week is no exception.


The bucket hat has always been seen as the ugly cousin of the renowned trilby hat. However trilby’s are on their way out.. and what’s coming in?  Yup you guessed it! The bucket hat.

the days of the bucket hat being worn by wildlife fanatics and happy campers are dead and gone..Now they are being worn by some of the world’s biggest stars and it’s an easy enough trend for the rest of us to try too!


Rihanna has been seen with bucket hats left right and center. In an array of colours and patterns.. this girl has it all. She’s even (somehow) made them look weirdly glamorous.

We here at NN2W love a good celebrity inspired outfit, so we’ve paired some of our pieces with the ever so current bucket hat to show you how we would style them!


For the men out there- Create a look that has a good balance between casual and formal. By doing this you make the hat look less fisherman chic and more fashion forward. We decided to pair the bucket hat with our skinny fit acid wash shorts, a mesh vest and a statement tweed jacket.

For the ladies- This hat works well with a casual denim look but if you want to glam it up like Rihanna, then we would pair it with our bodycon leopard print midi and a plain white vest. With a simple outfit like this you can afford to accessorize.. so add as much or as little as you feel necessary!

What do you think?

NN2W x

Mens Summer Edit

While the weather here can’t decide whether it wants to be nice or horrid, many of us are making the decision to jump aboard a plane and go somewhere that is guaranteed a steady ray of sunshine.

However.. with the holiday weather comes the holiday outfits and needless to say there will always be one man… one man that looks like this:


que bohemian rhapsody ” no no no no.. NO!”.

If there is even a slight possibility that this could be you this summer, then please read on for our men’s holiday inspired edit!



Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.16.28

The biggest trends of the summer so far have been widely focused around acid wash, mesh and bright graphics. For up to date fashion forward looks..see below how we would style our top picks from Nothing New 2 Wear’s latest collection.




If you’re looking for something a little bit different to sport whilst you party into the night then look no further! These outfits are a tad smarter than the day looks but just as stylish.



And last but not least.. no summer holiday is complete without appropriate swimwear.



Well that’s all folks.. Happy Holidays! From the team @NN2W


Summer is officially here y’all!

Go on.. put away all the humdrum knitted jumpers..big socks.. and step out this summer in one of our favourite new arrivals.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 13.54.30

Roar away with this tasty delight. With it’s utterly mesmerising mix of prints and its mesh style fabric, this is definitely one to watch out for this summer.

Jellybeans and tigers are in.. Sweaters are out!


Pick yours up on for just £10.


Happy Shopping!




Do it graphic tee style.

Graphic tees are indisputably easy to pull off, throw one on and look fashionable in seconds. But how to dress one up a tad? We suggest one of our tweed blazers and skinny fit jeans to give you a relaxed yet slightly more dressy version of the graphic tee trends!



Plus, who doesn’t want a scarface inspired mona lisa tee?

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.28.28


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