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Valentine’s day sorted! + 30% off to celebrate!

With Valentine’s day approaching… we here at NN2W want to save you the “ums” and “ahs” of what to wear for the big night… because let’s face it? It can be a stressful night if you have something big planned!

Check out our top pick date night outfits below:

For a super classy, sophisticated look that’ll wow your S.O (significant other) opt for the L.B.D. Ever so versatile and really is a timeless option for the big V day. Ours has a studded neckline as well as a bodycon fit with a peplum overlay which will make your waist look amazing. For styling options check out the sidebar on how we would accessorize this dress.

LBD- £15 on nothingnew2wear.com
LBD- £15 on nothingnew2wear.com



For a more playful sexy look… opt for our pin up vixen. This look will ensure that your S.O can’t keep their eyes off of you!

We’ve chosen Megan as inspiration for this look… so channel her and unleash your inner fox this valentines day.

Polka Vest £8 Skirt £8 on nothingnew2wear.com




Don’t worry guys we haven’t forgotten about you! Check out the Mens section for super stylish pieces that are sure to make you look hot for your S.O

Blazer £35 Shirt £18 on nothingnew2wear.com




And… If you really want to impress? Treat her with one of these perfect pieces!






Manchester Fashion and Lifestyle Exhibition Overview!

The weekend is now over and We here at NN2W definitely needed time to recover! Eventful to say the least  this exhibition experience was filled with both positive and negative moments ( due to no fault of our own) But we powered through!

stallWith this being said.. We met some really interesting people! As well as fashion bloggers who fell in love with our brand and the ideas that we have behind why NN2W is the way it is! This made it a success in it’s own right. It’s such a lovely thing hearing from the public, that we are going about our business, in a way that means something and is attractive to them- So definite pats on the back all around in the NN2W headquarters this week!

One blogger we met and spoke to has even written a really lovely review about us on her blog, so check her out and see what she had to say!